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I Want to be Famous!

I Want to be Famous!

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This is the dynamic story of a boy who suddenly finds fame through a serendipitous event. He revels in the public attention until one day, everyone begins to give special status to someone else. 

Seymour is devastated until he discovers that he doesn't really need all that attention from others because there is a spotlight within him that never dims, emanating from the radiance of his soul. And as Seymour begins breaking his habit of seeking endless attention from others, the best kind of applause possible resounds through the Universe.

This valuable children's book also effectively addresses the impact of social media on today's children - and demonstrates how to genuinely build self-esteem in the face of its challenges. Children are easily inspired and are ready for critical thinking at an earlier age than their generational counterparts. 

Bracha utilizes storytelling to teach children how to navigate through life’s challenges, bringing back an ancient art.
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