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  • ~ Julia Bailey, Mother

    "I love the new Healthy book! I've been waiting over a decade for a book like this that teaches children the importance of eating well and being healthy. I hope Bracha Goetz keeps writing more of her amazing books on important topics!"

  • ~ Dina Bacharach, Teacher

    "Each one of my children, with ages ranging from two to fourteen, enjoy and learn from this incredible one-of-a- kind book.  And each time we read it, we learn something new!"

  • ~Tatum Stern, Registered Dietitian (RDN, LDN)

    "A big thank you goes to Bracha Goetz for working to improve the health of our children and for writing about a topic that needs much more education and awareness. Awareness is key! This book will have a positive effect on all children who read it!"

  • ~ Esther Dubrovsky, MD (Mom and Physician)

    "Great book to get children interested in nutrition and healthy eating!"

  • ~ Rishe Deitsch, Editor-in-Chief Nshei Chabad Newsletter


    You really do know what good health is! Most "health" books don't really know.

    YOU DO. I am impressed!"

  • ~ Margot Finke, Children's Author & Writing Guidance

    "This book makes choosing healthy ways fun, as well as a smart thing to do! Good choices lead to a good life!!"

  • ~ Alla Rodionov, OT


    The book we have all been waiting for. Thank you!"

  • ~ Sara Penina Yankelove, Mother

    "The book is illustrated in such an exciting way! I love the colorful balloons depicting the food inside! It makes eating healthy look like such fun! The choice seems so clear and simple with each example portrayed!"

  • ~ Tzina Fishman, Mother

    “It's a fantastic book!

    My kids were listening intently to every word of this educational and beautifully illustrated book! They wanted to re-read it after it was done! Definitely a book that will get a lot of use in our home!"

  • ~ Tzirel Dubin, Mother

    "What a winner!

    Beyond the oft-repeated directives of choosing veggies over sugar, Let’s Stay Healthy explains why we want to make healthy food and lifestyle choices in a way that’s relatable to even young children. Simple verbiage, combined with bright and colorful illustrations make for an attractive and enjoyable read, while mention of more detailed concepts encourages questions and a broader discussion about health. An excellent teaching tool for both educators and parents!"

  • ~ Feigy Friedman, Mother

    "I read Let's Stay Healthy yesterday to my kids (ages 3-8) and they each loved it! It prompted them to ask so many different questions and it led to so many different topics on staying healthy. They learned so much from it, and it  really broke down the ins and outs of staying healthy. I couldn’t have given over the information that well without the help of this  book!"

  • ~Livana Futterman, LMSW

    "Bracha Goetz’s new book, “Let’s Stay Healthy”, is such an important read for kids (and even adults too)! As a mother of four, I know what a struggle it is to constantly encourage children to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. This book teaches this crucial lesson to kids and helps them to take a more active role in keeping their bodies healthy and strong! When children develop an awareness of this, they are much less likely to ask for treats and candy since they know the harm it can cause to their bodies. Bracha Goetz’s new book brings a crucial but scarcely addressed issue in the Jewish community to the fore! A must read for every child and household!" 

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  • ~ Suri Kinzbrunner

    "At a shul learning program, my six year old raised his hand after the Rabbi mentioned the yetzer hara and told the rabbi, "The yetzer hara is actually a messenger from Hashem!" Then my four year old chimed in, "Yeah, it's like a fly!"

  • ~ Miriam Campbell, MA SLP-CCC, MSW, Skills for Connection

    "A creative and fun book that engagingly invites the young reader into the process of self awareness and choices. Full of real life examples, creative imagery and exploration, Bracha Goetz once again masterfully supports our kids in their journey of healthy social emotional development through a Torah lens."

  • ~Rachel Leah Golfeiz, LCSW

    "The clever use of reverse psychology utilized in the title of this book, Don’t Read This Book, will hook your children from the beginning of the read and won’t let go until the end. This latest book by Bracha Goetz introduces children to a character in all of our lives, the yetzer hara, in a thoughtful and concrete way. The vibrant and engaging illustrations lend themselves to further conversation with your children regarding ways the yetzer hara can sneak into your life.​As you read Don’t Read This Book, you will be given an up-close look at how the yetzer hara operates, and tips and tricks on how to overcome it. This delightful book will be enjoyed by young and old, and can be especially impactful to children struggling with impulsivity and its consequences. As always, Bracha Goetz has masterfully concretized a concept that is deep and often difficult for children to grasp in a way that is both enjoyable and thought-provoking for those curious enough to read Don’t Read This Book."

  • ~ Dina Bacharach, Teacher

    "Don’t Read this Book by Bracha Goetz is an incredible book! It brings the concept of the Yetzer

    Hara to life in a real, tangible, and understandable way.  From young children - my four-year old loved it - to older teens, they each gain so much from this unique book.

    The Yetzer Hara is depicted as an adorable fly buzzing around trying to get someone to do something

    wrong, all the while really hoping that they will overcome him and win by doing what’s right.

    Don’t Read this Book’s catchy title makes everyone want to read it and when they do – they are amazed with the depth of the messages in the book written with Bracha Goetz’s signature upbeat rhymes.

    The delightful and vibrant pictures, along with the sturdy pages, make this a book my children are returning to over and over again."

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  • ~ Ruchama K. Feuerman

    "The Invisible Book"

    "Bracha Goetz’s charming and illuminating book, told in rhymes, breaks down sophisticated concepts – the intangibility of emotions, gravity, wind, the soul, God Himself, and yet makes them live as realities for the very young. This wonderful book belongs in every home and school."

  • ~ Rabbi Yaakov Bender, Rosh Yeshiva,Yeshiva Darchei Torah

    "Talking About Personal Privacy"

    This book helps parents address an aspect of personal safety that is critical in our generation and should be required reading for all children. The book's clear, simple, and age-appropriate lessons will help to open lines of communication that, until now, have often been locked behind a wall of uncertainty and fear. I urge parents everywhere to study and internalize its lessons and then take the time to utilize this book as a beautiful opportunity to protect and to grow even closer to their children.

  • ~Anna Dogole

    "Remarkable Park"

    "After reading this book, your children will look at the world around them with new awareness of the many creatures that share the world with them, the wonders that exist if we just look for them, and the many lessons we can learn from nature if we just open our minds and listen to what nature has to tell us. This is a must-have book for both public and private libraries catering to young children."

  • ~ Christopher Jude

    "I want to be Famous"

    "This book easily keeps a child's attention with the words rhythm and content. It succeeds in telling a fun story while entertaining, and also teaching the importance for a child to believe in themselves for who they are, rather than what people might see them as on the outside. This book is perfect for children to assist in building character. "

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