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  • ~ Tziporah Wayne, M. Ed., My Happy Heart Coach and Raising a Mentsch Series: Powerfully Parenting with Jewish Values

    I am a BIG fan of your wisdom and many, many books! You inspire our children to think of what is most important today.... thank you for shining your light in the most brilliant of ways!


    ~ Faigel Safran, Founding Managing Editor of Mishpacha, Editor, and Novelist

    Your books are really great. My grandchildren can’t get enough of Let’s Stay Healthy. The rhymes and stanzas are just right. And of course, the content is excellent and appropriate for all ages.


    ~ Tom Whitesel, Pastor/Marriage Counselor

    Bracha Goetz is a highly skilled author, using personal life lessons to effectively teach both children and adults through her many books. Bracha genuinely has a desire to bring good to the world and make a positive impact.

  • ~ Vivian Bercovici, Host of the State of Tel Aviv Podcast and Former Ambassador of Canada to Israel

    I am sitting here listening to our
    recorded conversation, and it's fascinating. You express yourself so beautifully... and I just love how we are both very open and relaxed with our views but not threatened by or hostile with each other. And we cover so many important issues! I am absolutely going to drop this pod next week - in the Days of Awe... you are a perfect conduit to touch people's souls.


    ~ Salvador Litvak, Writer, Director, Producer, Accidental Talmudist

    Bracha Goetz is a great writer and seasoned professional. As the editor of the Jewish Journal’s Table for Five, I have the privilege to work with many well known writers and thinkers. I always look forward to her pieces because she’s original, surprising, and utterly reliable. Anyone who works with Bracha Goetz is lucky to do so!

  • ~ Miriam Liebermann, MSW, Author

    Mazal tov on your newest book!! You are a national treasure!!! yashar koach!!


    ~ Dena Estrin, Life Coach and Author

    Again, here you are serving Klal Yisroel in essential ways -- yashar
     Bracha Goetz! Your efforts should be blessed! 


    ~ Sarah Shapiro, Author and Editor

    What a contribution you make, again and again, Bracha, to Klal Israel. I love what you give to all of us.


    ~ Shmuel Katz, Content Writing and Data Analysis

    Bracha Goetz's kind hearted and meaningful work is quite inspiring. She is helping the light of the childlike soul shine through, for the children and adult reader alike, so parents can receive sincere takeaways and grow along with their children.